ARCTIC is a Danish family-owned company established in 1987 by Mr. Herluf Brodersen. Today both 2nd and 3rd generation is involved in the company. In 1990, as one of the first Danish duvet and pillow producers, we moved the production to China. Today the production is still in China and since year 2000 we also produce in the Baltics.

At ARCTIC we offer a wide range of bedroom products – helping you to a good night’s sleep.

Apart from producing our own range of products we also own the recognized brands Night & Day and Nordisk Tekstil. The latter going back to 1874, we bought in 2011. Since 1874 Noridsk Tekstil has developed into a historical textile company, and we are the proud owners of such a traditional brand.

At ARCTIC we work from our core value of being trustworthy. We strive to deliver the goods in the agreed quality, at the right place and within the agreed timeframe.

We cooperate with manufacturers in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Lithuania, and Portugal.

In order to ensure that ARCTIC and Nordisk Tekstil meet the demands of the industry and international standards, we often visit the production sites and sub suppliers.